MBSP History


  • Situated in the School of Business at the University of Kansas
  • Founded in 1992 by Professor Emeritus Renate Mai-Dalton who was the Director through Spring 2006
  • Directed by Professor Bob Augelli from Fall 2006 to Spring 2018
  • Supported by corporations and individual donors
  • Advises nearly 100 scholars per year and has over 250+ alumni since its program inception
  • Boasts an average GPA of 3.5

Real Results

One of the first things students notice about the MSP Scholars Program in Business is the supportive atmosphere. One-on-one meetings, tutoring sessions, business presentations by corporate sponsors and social events all work in tandem to keep scholars academically on track, a fact readily reflected in their performance. Additionally, the MBSP assists scholars in their quest to carve out a niche in business fields where historically underrepresented populations been traditionally excluded.

The majority of our graduates are now employed in excellent positions nationwide, while many have gone on to earn MBAs, Masters of Accounting, and law degrees.

A small group of students and faculty stand in a group talking
Two stands stand in the school of business talking to eachother
A small group of students and faculty stand in a group talking